I would like to thank you for the good experience I had working with your company. As I started out looking for the perfect floor for my kitchen/bath area, I quickly found out that it was not an easy task. I looked everywhere at everything.

Living in a historical home is wonderful but also can be a challenge when updating comes due. I started out with hardwoods, moved to mosaic, then 12 x 24 ceramic tile, and thought I was going to have to sadly settle for putting down just another boring linoleum vinyl floor. It was very deflating. Nothing seemed to work. It was either the wrong material, too expensive, or too intrusive to the existing room that had just had the walls restored and painted, The floor had to be replaced. It was worn out everywhere in the room.

Then John came out to measure and encouraged me to look at this new type of vinyl that looked just like ceramic tile. I thought that sounded to good to be true because of all the types of flooring, that was the type that I set my heart on. It was made out of limestone and it was actually grouted in. Hope was restored and I went out that day to look at it. Tile was exactly the look I wanted. I was scared of the color at first, but now that it is down. I absolutely love it and could not be more happy. It was laid on a vertical cut and put into a pattern that I wanted. Not only was it laid in the kitchen but in the guest bathroom and at the top of the basement entrance. The pattern was executed perfectly in my historical home.

The team at Meyer's floor helped me to achieve the look that I wanted. They made my kitchen an up grade and investment with a return. I felt like it was money well spent. I would like to thank Denise for always following up and working with me at every step patiently. She even helped me at my own personal computer to fill out warranty information, because web sites can be a pain to manipulate if you don't use them on a regular basis. John let me know of every preparation step needed for the installation. He was very through and when I could not find the right thresholds for the transitions to all of my other floors, he shopped for them himself. John matched my floors perfectly. He finished all the transitions professionally, He and his team caulked all the new quarter round so it was ready to be painted in and made sure they wiped any excess glue or dust off of the floor when finished. The kitchen keeps the integrity of the home that is over 100 years old.

The project time was quoted as a 3 day process and the job was finished right on schedule. John and his team worked late and diligently to accomplish the goal set. Denise followed up on the materials being ordered so that there were no set backs and she even visited the site to check on the installation.

It was wonderful to have good old fashion customer service, that cared that they made your home and concerns as important as their own.

Sincerely Thankful,

Kelly T.

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